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  1. S

    Root cause analysis - The system of developing a work instruction is not effective

    Dear all Plz help me to analyze the root cause against nc got in IATF audit . The NC is ..the system of developing a work instruction is not effective. Incident was - parameter mentioned in wi was not same as defined in control plan.
  2. J

    Standard Work Instruction Languages (IATF 16949

    We just completed our IATF surveillance audit and the auditor went out of her way to make a point that we have 3 languages on our production floor, but our standard work instructions are only in 2 languages. She did not write a finding, but said the requirement to have SWI's in the languages...
  3. I

    Documents for Manufacturing Environment

    I have teams in a manufacturing environment who want to create instruction cards to hang on the machines; do those cards have to be controlled documents?
  4. E

    CSR SHIPPING - Need suggestions for making SOP/WI for our shipping dept (automotive)...

    We are getting written up for various shipping/labeling failures. We just lost the lead shipper (who was OK, but not great in appeasing the big automotive suppliers). Now that he is gone, we are getting more complaints and fines. Our Quality Manager has decided the Quality Department needs to...
  5. R

    Creating WIs for a Heavy Civil Engineering Services company

    The nomenclature is not important here. Objective is to have good material to give training, to workers to see and understand the steps in their jobs. So, for example. A road has a subgrade (existing soil, which must be levelled with a motorgrader), a subbase (if needed), a base and the top...
  6. pammesue

    Controlled Setup Sheets for a production line

    I have a question about controlled documents. We have a document control procedure for all of our documents--work instructions, quality procedures etc. We also have some documents that are essentially setup sheets for a production line. These setup sheets have a footer at the bottom with a...
  7. hiepyeuh

    SPC Work Instructions (WI)

    Dear all. I am sorry if this topic was duplicated with another one in the past. I tried to hit the search button and input some keywords but it seems not work. Currently, I need to complete a WI for SPC job. I made a description work flow for this (below flow). Do you have any comments or...
  8. K

    IATF 16949 Cl. - Requirements of Work Instructions and Documents

    Hello, me again! I had a question that maybe you guys could answer regarding IATF16949 requirements of work instruction/documents. The old standard (TS16949) calls out in "The organization shall prepare documented work instructions for all employees having responsibilities for...
  9. S

    Manufacturing Work Instruction examples that include process pictures

    Hey all - I looked through the attachment files for any examples but I am looking for some sample templates of manufacturing work instructions that include process pictures. I have a version in word but it can be cumbersome to insert and format pictures. Without recreating anything does anyone...
  10. J

    Work Instructions - We have approx 1,000 work instructions from over the years

    We have approx 1,000 work instructions from over the years. They are deburr and/or assembly instructions. How is the best way to handle these. I was going to see about putting them all on the new work instruction template i created, but how do I handle it as far as the controlled document list...
  11. C

    Manufacturing Process Work Instructions - Format

    Hi all, My question is on how you guys would format your work instructions for the certain process that we have define in the QMS example quality, sales and manufacturing process thanks. :bigwave:
  12. M

    Standard work, standardized work instruction & work instruction: What are differences

    Hi all In IATF 16949, there are some terms which I can not understand and differentiate among them. can some one explain me what are the following items and what are their differences: 1) standard work (used in clause j)) 2) standardized work documents (used in clause...
  13. C

    Do we need to Validate Off the Shelf Software?

    I'm writing a purchasing Work Instruction for a small start up. We use Quickbooks for accounting. Does this software need to be validated?
  14. M

    Work Instruction Content or Sequence Changes and Operation Numbering

    After a work instruction has been developed and the operations have been named and numbered and frozen, and you find that process runs better in a different sequence. Do the operation numbers have to stay the same even though they will no longer, numerically, be in order?
  15. D

    eQMS/ERP System Admin Work Instructions - Where do they fit?

    Hi! My company is in the process of implementing an eQMS/ERP system and cranking out the work instructions for how the systems are used. I am trying to categorize the work instructions relevant to our QMS processes (ISO 13485) as opposed to those that are considered "business documents." I...
  16. L

    TS16949 Work Instruction Requirements

    Which clause in TS 16949 requires that Work instruction are to be physically displayed pictures? Is is one of customer specific requirements? Thank you.
  17. C

    Following Order of Work Instructions

    We are currently dealing with an issue involving the order that steps in a Work Instruction are completed. Obviously there are some steps that must be completed in the exact order (remove part from cast THEN clean cast) But others that could be of any order (Clean part / Clean empty cast). It...
  18. B

    When to use "For Reference Use Only" on documentation

    I have a question as to use of "For Reference Use Only" documents as part of a record. As I understand this is a label for unofficial documentation not to be used as a work instruction or official data records. They are just added info. Recently we have been stamping "For Reference Use" on...
  19. S

    Magnetic Particle Inspection Non-Destructive Testing Procedure

    This is a rush job. I just find out this morning that our company will be starting a new Magnetic particle non-destructive testing process. There is pressure to get it ready as soon as possible as we may be in a race against one of our competitors.:mg: My company will be getting an MT-Tech...
  20. C

    Video Screencasts for Work Instructions

    I write a lot of work instructions teaching how to use an ERP system for various transactions. My work instructions are stored as PDFs, which generally consist of a long series of static screenshots, each of which has call outs instructing the reader on how to fill out the various fields on the...
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