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Steven Truchon

I recently submitted a change to our system and procedure regarding QS9000 which mandates 100% on-time delivery and corrective action taken if less than 100%.
I added that the 100% reqirement will apply to automotive and QS9000 compliant customers only.
Our business is QS9000 registered with no exclusions even though our business is only 50% automotive work. I know that I can count on the automotive customers to hold their end of deal by complying with which "shalls" the customers scheduling end.
So for my automotive customers, I can work effectively to the stated requirements.
Where my dilemma begins is with my non-automotive customers. Not being bound by a standard such as QS9000, they can (and regularly do) change due dates in mid production making it virtually impossible to make 100% on-time deliveries. I could forecast their requirements and warehouse parts but that is not a cost effective option given the volume of product we manufacture.

Has anyone encountered this scenario before and if so, what was your solution?

Does anyone see a problem with the approach of having the requirement apply to automotive customers only?

Thanks for any input


John Martinowich

We are a small order-driven shop with approx. 50% non-auto customers, with similar problems measuring 100% on-time.The only thing we can do is measure against the delivery date which is ULTIMATELY agreed. Our auditor seemed OK with this.Delivery dates may change several times before we actually ship (same with our suppliers).

We have, actually, had the same situation with some auto customers (non-big 3)

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