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Diana Cadwalader

Performance vs procedure

Since I am new at this whole 14001 thing,, please bear with me and what me seem to be rather simplistic questions.

I have a blanket quality system for 5 intl mfg facilities that is documentation heavy. In implementing 14001, i am trying to avoid having a system that is procedure driven and avoid adding reams of paper.

I am developing most of our documents in an intranet site that contains many links. In many instances, I do not have a documented procedure per say, but have linked to records that live on the www server.

For instance, I say in the high level overview document that "new employees are required to undergo comprehensive orientation training." I then link to a blank checklist that has 20 training areas for new employees (#20 is EHS training). In addition to this blank checklist - I have a link to the records directory on the server where the completed checklists for each employee are posted. My problem arises because when I look at one of our subsidiaries that is registered, they have a very detailed step by step procedure. I am concerned that with my design and dependence on linkages that my system will not be robust enough to explain to an auditor that we actually have a process (procedure) in place.

Opinions and advice needed. - Diana


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It seems to me that you do have a systemic procedure in place. All you really need to do is to show that it is adequate to suit "YOUR" (not the auditors) needs.

Does it address training for employees whos actions or in-action may create a significant impact?

Does it address those specific issues tied to the EMS like doc control, policy, and that other stuff?

For additional info and guidance refer to ISO 14004.

Diana Cadwalader

:) Randy - Thanks. The more time i spend in here cruising through the threads, the more comfortable I become. I guess it is just pre-audit jitters. I have tried to approach this as - implementing an ems for the benefits to our business, employees, community and future wellbeing -vs- implementing iso14001. Nothing makes my blood boil faster than having someone say to me - "I am only doing this because ISO says I have to." - - - I guess it is the lament of systems people worldwide.
Thanks again.
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