1st Internal Audit & Training


Dan De Yarman

We had our first internal audit on Monday, and apparently some people didn't learn some of the basic information I expected them to lean. What general knowledge are the auditors expecting the employees to have; other than who the MR is and what the quality policy is? Do they need to know how many elements there are? (Everyone had training that included how many elements there are.) What terminology must everyone be familiar with?

And also, are temporary contract employees required to go through QS-9000 TE Supplement training?

Thanks to anyone who gives me a hand with this issue.

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Tom Goetzinger

We have a 1 page Work Instruction that covers the Quality Policy, Quality Objectives, and Responsibilities and Authority; that basically covers all that we expect our employees to know, other than how to properly do their jobs and what records they are required to maintain. I've published a number of articles in the monthly company newsletter about what QS9000-TE is and what it will do for us, but I don't expect them to know tons about the standard itself. I have it available if they want to look at, but it is not required reading.
I'll fax you a copy of the Work Instruction and the Internal Audit report forms that we use; maybe it will help you get started.
Must mention that we are not registered yet (final audit scheduled for end of this month), but our Lead Auditor has reviewed this information and finds it acceptable.

Dan De Yarman


Thanks for the info; it should come in handy. I'm already making changes to some of our Work Instructions, and will probably make changes to our Quality Manual and Quality Procedures pretty soon.

I still need an answer if anyone can help. Are temporary contract employees required to go through QS-9000 TE Supplement training?

Any help will be apprecitated.


Tom Goetzinger

Glad I could be of help. I've certainly gotten enough help from this group and I'm glad to make any contribution I can.
Dan, regarding your question concerning need to train temp employees in the TE Supplement. I would make sure they are aware of your quality policy, quality objectives, and their responsibilities; they should also know where to find the procedures which cover what they do, and who to talk to if they have a problem or question. I've heard it said that temporary employees can be a source of a significant number of training nonconformances during registration audits, so its probably any area to want to make sure is covered.


It is my understanding that if your temps can affect or compromise the quality of your product or service you need to train them to that degree. Tom listed the minimum that would typically be included.



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That's an old 'gotcha'. You have to train temps in their job. But - not 'QS-9000 TE Supplement training' per se.
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