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20th Annual International Conference on ISO 9000 & QMS



When: February 26-28, 2012
Location: Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, Orlando, Florida, USA

The business environment seems to be in a state of continuous change. It is not uncommon to hear complaints that the QMS is not flexible enough to deal with the uncertainty of our times. Management often does not connect its management system to the success of the business. They frequently see their management system is something they have to do but do not see the value of using their management system to improve their business position. Yet wise organizations are now learning how to use the system as a tool to conquer uncertainty and drive business performance. The International Conference on ISO 9000 & QMS will provide insight and hands on experience to organizations that can be easily put to practice at work.

Conference Topics
Topics for the 20th International Conference on ISO 9000 & QMS will be focused on application of techniques and case studies in integrating management systems for success in organizations. Tracks will cover applications and case studies for the following sectors.

•Food Safety
•Government & Defense
•Medical Devices
•Professional Development
•Regulated Industries
•Small Business

Case studies and practical Information will be presented on the following:

•Integration of multiple management system standards
•Managing your system during a crisis
•Integration of a new tool into your organization
•Increasing management buy-in for the management system
•Using the QMS to address the most important issues in your business
•Professional Development & ASQ Professional Certifications
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Sidney Vianna

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Staff member
My submission has been accepted and I will be speaking at this conference about the IAQG ICOP Conformity Assessment Program and how the IAF could learn some of the lessons. I am scheduled for Track N, late morning of the 28[sup]th[/sup]. Attached the preliminary program.


Good news! My good friend and colleague, Tim Woodcome is presenting at the same conference, a day earlier in the pm. His topic is Business Continuity Planning.


Sidney Vianna,

I think it is AWESOME that you will be attending this year's conference. The value of the conference is when great people like yourself volunteer their time to share with others to create an environment conducive to continual improvement and change!

This open level of collaboration is essential to maintain forward synergy within the global community.

Please keep in touch..and to all others considering attending the value of this conference is within the genuine people that support it who care about creating value and sharing best in class ideas to make us all better.

Have a great day! :D
Eric Quesnel


I wanted to attend but the business of the company I am working on is not mentioned on the topics. We are basically doing Research and we have QMS in place and is ISO 9001 certified. I wanted to learn more on continuous improvement stuff. I find it difficult in convincing my boss. Please help.


I plan on attending also.

Chance- Try to show how the tracks that can be applied to all industry can be helpful. Last year there was a presentation on measuring customer satisfaction without customer surveys as we all know you generally get a poor response rate and you mainly hear from those who are least satisfied. By attending the conference you also make lasting contacts.


I have never attended the Quality Expo in Texas. So I can not comment on which is better. But I have come away with great information from the International Conference. After looking at the website briefly, there seems to be more vendors at the Texas Show (Equipment, Training, Software, etc) and a few seminars. At the International Show it is more seminar orientated and you may see a total of ten-twelve venders (Training, Certfification, Consultation, Software). All depends on what you are looking for if you want seminars then I would suggest the International, if you want more of a (Quality) trade show then Texas is the place for you.
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Finally decided to participate on conference in Orlando, Fl but now choosing between ISO 9000 and Six Sigma.

I working in service company dealing with maintenance of plant and equipment as well as general electrical, AC and HVAC servicing.

Company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and myself worked on implementation of ISO 9001 in several companies since 2005 and registered with local certification body as Lead Auditor as well.

However I never dealt with Six Sigma, so not sure shall I attend this conference or not. Budget not allows me to participate on both conferences.

Which one I shall choose?
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