25th September 2002 - We were recommended for ISO / TS 16949:2002 Certification

Manoj Mathur

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To All My Friends

I am delighted to inform all of my friends and all wellwisher that on 25th September 2002 at 4.27 P.M. (16.27 IST Time) we were recommended with ISO / TS 16949:2002.

It took all our total efforts and zeal to perform best in Nine Month time to achieve this certificate which is first in Alloy Wheel Manufactring Company.

I am ready to share my all experiences, Sorrow and lessons and all you wanted to know from me.


Manoj Mathur

To All My Friends To All My Friends

Howard Atkins

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I and am sure all the rest of the readers are happy to extend our heartiest congratulations.
Who was your registrar?


Thats great, you deserve a big pat on the back for a job well done. Congratulations!


Congrats Manoj.
If you have some spare time please share some of your experiences with the auditors.

Manoj Mathur

Quite Involved in Discussions
thankyou all

infact during complete all nine months i was taking all the helps from you all. hence cradit goes to we all.

My registrar was rwtuv and there was two auditors from tuv.
we got one remote site at mumbai marketing office which was audited by both the auditoirs on 23rd september for full day. and on 24 - 25 auditors have audited the manufacturing facilities. there was audiding at night also covering all the shifts.

it was really tough to be certified but most imp. thing is all the audit was towards value addition and not fault finding.

I definately will share what I mean is and how can I prove it.
but really it was very good.

once again thanks to you all.

manoj mathur

Atul Khandekar


Hearty Congratulations!
Is your company the first in India to be certified to TS1694, the 2002 version?


Dear Mr. Mathur

Congrats for the poineering work adding a feather to your cap.

K S Varadhan

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Congratulation. Are you the first to be certified to this new standard in the world? Who else??



I for one will be asking you many questions in the near future - as we are being audited (desk/preassessment) as I write!:eek:
Auditor is reading materials now.



How many findings did you get? Did the cerification criteria same as QS, thats mean you cannot have any minor?:confused:
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