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2D matrix issue - Parts (machined steel) returned from the customer

I have a rather unusual question, and am not sure exactly where to put it. Hopefully this is an appropriate forum.

Long story short, I have parts (machined steel) returned from the customer for a nonconforming 2D matrix. The customer has agreed that I can 'blackout' the existing 2D matrix, and rewrite in another location.

The problem is, I don't have any way to blackout what is already there. I thought of just overwriting the existing 2D matrix and hopefully that would suffice, but no such luck. I have tried randomly generating data to create the 2D matrix, but can't find anything that comes up 'black' (i.e. completely filled).

There are too many parts involved to just toss away, without making a REAL effort to solve this problem, so I turned to my favorite source.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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