3D Printing concept in airline to manufacture its own aircraft cabin parts



Dear Friends,

I am looking for good knowledge on the subject that how an airline can use 3D print concept to manufacture its own aircraft cabin parts,

i looking for complete information to build a comprehensive proposal to management.

your kind information is greatly appreciated!!1! :thanx:

Sidney Vianna

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Besides the technological aspects, don't forget that the manufacturer of regulated products such as these have to have the appropriate approvals of the Production Approval Holder and relevant regulatory agencies.


Bit of a late answer, but it's been a while since I logged on - moving back into aerospace so, I'll be on more often I think :D

In answer to the question, yes it's possible to make minor mods to the interior of a specific MSN.
Typically 3-D printing is used to make prototype parts which will be used to verify fit form function, prior to going to the expense of tooling up.
If you were looking at going directly to the use of a 3-D printed part as part of a mod, then bear in mind that the materials will need to be compliant with the fire regulations of CS25 (853 if my memory serves). The material will also need to be certified and from a reputable (repeatable) source.

Your DOA should be able to tell you if they can do this in the application you are thinking about - talk to your CVE, or HOA.

I hope that this helps.


We have 3D printed some interior details to EASA aircraft. Design creates the documentation and production organisation sub-contracts this work from 3D printing company. I believe they used stratasys printers and aviation approved material.
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