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3rd Edition PPAP File with Forms

Electronic Document Assistance...

I've previously obtained a copy of a file called "PPAPALL.XLS" from the Cove. It has served me well over the years and continues to do so.

However, the occasional "crank" is busting chops over the version I have containing a warrant that doesn't match "PPAP Manual 3rd Revision."

Is that file available here? I perused the document library and didn't see it.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks guys... but I gotta tell ya' - I can't find it. I've scoured the "pdf-zone" and failed to find a file with that name.

Can I expect a CAR and a hard-link or more direct information that would lead me to the file? ;-)

Ummm... sorry... found it. I just realized that "Partcertall" begins with a "P" and not a "C."

Marc, There is a different password on each page. You need a copy of the password recovery software to access the passwords.

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Partcertall won't open at all...

I've downloaded this file several times and for some reason is simply will not open for me. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong or just send me the file via email?

If you are willing to send me the working file via email, please send an email to alm1123 at hotmail dot com without the file (it's too big to send there, hotmail has a file size limit restriction), and I will send you my work email address.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Captain Nice
Staff member
Have you tried opening Excel and trying to open the file by browsing to it with the "Open file" menu option?


Captain Nice
Staff member
I tried e-mailing you the file and got it back with this message:

This Message was not deliverable for the following reason:

Your message is larger than the destination computer is willing to
accept, so it was returned. The error message below indicates the
size of your message and the maximum size allowed by the receiving
E-mail system. You may be able to split your message into several
smaller pieces and have them delivered separately.

Size of this message: 2417926 bytes
Server maximum size: 1572864 bytes
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