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4.1.1 Lessons Learned - Use of Design Data - How to Implement



I was wondering if anyone can give me some ideas of how to implement this QS 9000 Requirement. "4.1.1 Use of Design Data – Have a process to deploy information gained from previous design products to current and future projects of a similar nature."

Currently I am using a simple spread sheet composed of lessons learned, but feel it can be done in a much more efficent manner. Thanks in advance!!
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Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
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What is design data?

Records. What records do you have? Material Test Reports, FEA, FMEAs, Lesson Learned, Customer Complaints & Praise, Claims & Warranty data for example. How do you use this data to improve future designs? Where in your procedure or Design Model does this feedback get introduced? Are there any design standards involved?

Well, I hope this helps.



Al Dyer

Do you mean 4.4.1?

I always like to ask the following for design questions up front.

How have you determined you are design responsible to the big 3?

As to your question, the method you use is acceptable as long as the process to do so is documented. Another method could be to reference your DFMEA from like processes.



Yes, that would be 4.4.1. (sorry about that).

Thank you both for your comments, they will help.
To add to Kevin's list of data resources, our auditor also suggested that we use past manufacturing data as part of our "lessons learned."
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