f) represent the needs of the customer in internal functions in addressing QS-9000 requirements (e.g. selection of special
characteristics, setting quality objectives, training, corrective & preventive actions, product design and development).

must we appoint a person to stand for our customer?
what does the clause really means? how to do?

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Jim Biz

IMHO this is an extension of the ISO "note" that says - may provide communication interface with customer representatives.

Someone - in the organization needs to have the responsibility of communicating directly with the customer. It "can" be any qualifed person the owner/technical staff etc. We made it a written part of the Quality Assurance Managers responsibilities.

Again IMHO - how to -- "prove it"

I'm sure there are a number of ways to satisfy the requirement but here's a couple suggestions to provide evidence this is being done.
Keep electronic e-mail records.
Keep a log of phone coversations.


tim banic

Also IMHO, the Quality Manager & the Sales Representative (for that customer) are the people who are watching out for the best interest of the customer(more the Quality Manager, because they are in charge of making sure that the product going out the door meets the customers requirements).

Everyone should be trying to put out the best possible product they can, & should be watching for the quality of the product, but the Quality Manager would be the contact to the customer.

Hope that helps.


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thanks for all your reply.

perhaps is (f) one of the function of management representative?does qs9000 overwrite or emphasis the function of
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