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I'd like to have some comments to the section where in the 3rd edition there is a new requirement to notify to the certification body within 5 working days when a customer places the site in any of the following statuses:

- Chrysler "needs improvement"
- Ford Q-1 revocation
- General Motors Level II Containment

What is the purpose of this requirement ? ... just to put extra pressure or is the certification body going to take this in consideration for future audits / certifications ?
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Bryon C Simmons

A little bit of both, I am afraid. We recently had a surveillance audit for QS, and recently was awarded Q1 from ford. our auditor hinted at the fact that if we lose our Q1 for some reason, then they would take a long look at our QS system....be realistic....the two are most definetly related..if you are having problems with your processes or product, it will definetly be evident to your customers, which means your registrar will figure it out too..


Deb Weissler

It's even worse than that. If you are put on notice by your customer (i.e GM level 2, Chrysler probation) then your registrar can, and likely will, come in during the next surveillance audit and perform a complete quality system audit. They may even choose to come in ahead of schedule and perform an indepth audit of those areas related to process control that have apparently failed to control product quality. Your certificate could be temporarily rescinded (at the discretion of your registrar)until C/As have been taken and the probationary period lifted.
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