4.10.4 Final Inspection and Testing - Wondering what kind of methods you guys use



I was just wondering what kind of methods you guys are using to satisfy these requirements. My head is awash with ideas, everything form pass of checklists through production, control plans, machinery qualificationrun off etc. We supply gauging so any ideas would be much appreciated.


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Not sure of the context of your question, but here's a quick summary of how we do it. All products sold must undergo some form of final inspection and testing to ensure compliance to all customer and internal spec's. prior to shipment to the customer. This final inspection must be done by an authorized (i.e. trained, qualified, capable) QA representative (we use training w/ records and task certifications). Written procedures for these tests exist wherever their absence would cause problems. Records of each test are maintained. If/when the product has been found to meet all spec's. (via a review of all the test data) an authorized QA representative completes a certificate of conformance which included critical test data. Hope this helps answer your question.

Mike S.
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