Laboratory Product Identification and testing


ml retcher Laboratory Product Identification and testing

When we wrote our procedures and quality manual we addressed this clause to "product sample retension." One of our internal auditors reads this as addressing "calibration equipment" and/or "test records or samples."

Through our past audits I do know that they have addressed packaging of calibration equipment in this clause. We do not calibrate any equipment inhouse other than fixtures.The only laboratory we have currently is our layout department.

I think the "test samples" is the samples for PPAP approval but, "calibration equipment items" is fixtures that we calibrate. What is meant by "final data to raw data" with these in mind?


I guess the key word here is ITEMS in the phrase Calibration Equipment Items. I have read this before but never thought much about it. I have to admit I have absolutely no idea what they mean by 'Calibration Equipment ITEMS'. Maybe one of the other folks can help.
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