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4.10 and 4.11 for a trading company



Somebody help!!!
For a service company like trading:
1. What is the inspection and testing to do, except incoming inspection for the products?
2. What to do with 4.10.3, 4.10.4?
3. Is it necessary to measure customer satisfaction on the service? If so, how to calibrate that questionaire?

barb butrym

Quite Involved in Discussions
What products do you receive? probably none so it doesn't apply....Or determine what you get and what you in verify at reciept or point of use, listed by the commodity type

Inprocess review of the "trading dervice' or package you supply to teh customer for in process and final.

You need to step back and look at the service you provide as the product...and if something does not apply...say so.


Thanks barb, this help a lot.
The company imports products from mother company in USA. We do nothing for incoming inspection except packaging check for damage. We neither do inprocess or final inspection. What we do is packaging check before delivery. We do nothing in measuring and testing. Only if our customers ask something for testing the product to match his use, we will do laboratory check.

barb butrym

Quite Involved in Discussions
those checks are your inspections, document what you do, the shipper can be your record (if thats what you do?) and the criteria, what happens if.....
realitively easy actually...don't make it harder than it really is.....many make that mistake !!!


Your suggestion helps me of drowning.
Sorry for my fussy, but I've heard that some registrars ask for the measurement of customer satisfaction like questionaire. And also the way to calibrate that questionaire. If this is what we have to do, my question is 'what do I need to do and how?'


Captain Nice
Staff member
I think the bottom line here is you have to be ready to explain how you use and evaluate the questionaire. I have no idea off hand how you would 'calibrate' a questionaire.
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