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4.11 Control of Inspection Measurement and Test Equipment



One would think that the service industries would have gotten the message that they too have to be certified if they want to continue to do business with people required to have QS9000 registration. I am having a time finding someone who qualifies as ISO/IEC Guide 25(soon to be renamed) to do pressure gage calibrations. Need help


Captain Nice
Staff member
I don't know any specific company to recommend but you might try Lane Brothers.

I believe in the next couple of years you'll see a lot of cal suppliers qualify in some way.

You say they're soon to change the name of ISO/IEC Guide 25. Would you please tell up what you know?

Ramona Marks

If you do not have the capability to calibrate pressure gages in house (using a NIST traceable master), and you can not locate a local "certified" calibration house, it is acceptable, per QS 9000 third edition, to use the gage manufacturer. They do not have to be certified, just traceable to NIST. Also, the certificate of calibration must meet the requirements of QS 9000 (e.g., before and after data, NIST traceable numbers of masters used, procedures used, etc.)

I calibrate most of our pressure gages in house using dead weights that are calibrated by the original manufacturer. I do have several high pressure gages (3k - 5k psig) that are sent out annually back to the manufacturer for calibration.

I do know of several other gage calibration sources located in North Carolina. I found them through the gage houses that I do business with. You might want to ask the people you buy from if they know of anyone. Also, the Thomas Registry is on line now, and is a free access.
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