4.16 - Procedure for control of quality records


Hello everyone,

Im about to dig into our procedure for control of quality records.
The reason is that it's a bit outdated and very hard to keep up to date...

What I intend to do is to build a database to handle this, and then refer to the database in a short procedure. I hope that this will enable me to keep it current with much less effort than before.

If anyone has done something similar or has a better idea I'm ready to listen. Hints are welcome....

/ Claes


What seems to work for us.
We do have a type of database set up. We use what we call a Quality Record Master Index. Each department is assigned a Quality Record Index number for their list of quality records and each dept. manager is resposible for maintaining their list. In our QSM we basicly refer to the Master Index listings and location. These list are posted on our main internal network available to all employees. We have not had any problems with this setup that Im aware of. Hope this gives alittle insight on the subject.

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