4.18 Internal Audits - Auditor Training - What are the requirements for trainers?


Vash Stampede

Hi everyone,

A month ago, i conduct an IQA Training within our company. Two years ago, I was been sent on an outside training then as a result, I passed and certified as IQA.

Here my concern, I am not quite sure what could be the qualifications or requirements for trainers? After my echo training, I've learned that our procedure for training, states that a trainer must undergo the "training the trainer" Now, do i have to undergo that training? Would my echo training to my new IQA trainees, nullified and void? Please comment. Do I have to undergo training after my echo training, please comment?
Thank you very much.


Vash Stampede

Rick Goodson

The question that needs to be addressed is how your organization defines 'training the trainer'. My organization actually offers a train the trainer course. Our content is based on teaching individuals how to be trainers. It does not address the technical aspect of the training the individual will provide. We work on platform skills, feedback, class management, training techniques, etc. In addition we use role play and evaluate how the participant uses the skills they have been exposed to.

On the flip side of this question I have seen 'train the trainer' programs that were designed to teach an individual how to deliver a very specific program or class. These programs are usually set up so that the person delivering the class does not need, and usually does not have, any technical background in the material being delivered.

David Mullins

Train-the-trainer, or other similar courses, are fine, but, it should not preclude someone (you) from providing training. You can either delete the requirement from your procedure, or revise it to reflect "or equivalent experience". Basically if you've been training people for the last 5, 8, 12, whatever, years, then I think that is worth a whole lot more than than the TTT course.

Self imposed requirements like this are what turn people off. It's just quality wank!

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