4.18 - Training - Customer requested information on each operator for each aspect


Rodolfo Chapa

Second paragraph of 4.18 says: "Personnel performing specific assigned tasks shall be qualified on the basis of appropriate education, training and/or experience, as required."
Our company is in ISO implementation process, severals weeks ago we had an audit from one of our custmers, they requested us qualifications for each operator, based on such element.
What I do understand for that is: tasks or functions not included in the job or position performed (or job description).
Could some body tell me what the standard means by specific assigned tasks?

Tom Goetzinger

IMHO, it refers to those skills or knowledge required to perform their assigned jobs in an appropriate manner. If they are an assembler, they are trained in how to assemble the product, how to recognise if something is wrong, etc. You have to define what the requirements are and how to identify who has what skills. Remember that you can "grandfather" skills; this means that someone has the authority to establish what skills an individual has without going through new training. This can apply to existing employees when you start up your training program, or new hires who have skills from previous experience or training.
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