Product Safety - What does this element want? I find it very ambiguous



What does this element want? I find it very ambiguous.

Due care and product safety shall be considered in...design control...process control policies and practices
The supplier should promote internal awareness of safety considerations relative to the supplier's product.

1. Are we talking about the the care and safety of the part being produced for the customer?
2. Are we talking about the care and safety of the employees making the part, where they might be injured as a result of poor design control and /or process control policies and practices.
3. Are we talking about due care and product safety in regard to protecting the customer's employees from injury (e.g. cuts from excessive burrs on parts)
4. Are we talking about due care and product safety as it relates to destructive and nondestructive testing of parts to insure the final customer receives the design intended safety performance.



Fully vaccinated are you?
An extreme example might be air bags.

Designers should be able to show they considered passenger safety as well as transportation safety (manufacturer to auto assembly plant - handling, storage, preservatione, etc.) You are seeing this issue with air bags and people being killed by a device designed to protect them. Safety considerations in their design are much different than they were 10 years ago.

Process engineers should be able to discuss what is does to ensure employee safety during manufacture / assembly. An example of this is, because of the sodium azide used, is process equipment design (including the design of the actual assembly room). If one of those babys go off 'accidentially', what will happen to the employee(s) in the assembly area?

Yes - it's ambiguous. Remember that some of the requirements require a school like answer. "Tell me about how you...."
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