4.5 Engineering Change record of implementation into production



What exactly are the looking for when they ask for record of engineering change into production. My company seems to think they are talking about the PPAP date. I don't think so, I think they mean what it says "actual implementation into production"

Andy Bassett

Hello Kennyq

Doesnt look like you got an answer to your question, and i dont think that i am going to help you much (PS have another go at rephrasing it, maybe you will connect with someone out there).

As an aside, an auditor once told me that he checks the health of a company in 10 minutes by REVIEWING THEIR ENGINEERING CHANGE SYSTEM.

I didnt really read too much into this at the time, but the more i see the more i think it is true. I guess it is because many companies concentrate on getting products manufactured and out of the door, at the expense of working to consequential/disciplined procedures. In most companies an Engineering Change involves a lot of small detailed work that nobody wants to take on and ensure it is done. In my environment (Motorsport) this is deadly. Stores are not asked to scrap or rework parts, customers are not informed about changes, suppliers are not informed about changes to open orders etc.

In one company where i am now we have developed an Excel spreadsheet, where the changes are noted and we have developed a number system for the necessary changes, of which there are 16 POSSIBILITIES, ie Possibility Number 3 - Send new drawing to supplier etc. The relevant Project Manager is responsible to ensure that all these activities are done, and only then can he close the point.

Coming back to your question, i think you are being asked how the outcomes from your Engineering Change System is actioned.

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Andy B

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Laura M

I was always told it was the date of implementation in production. The best control I had at a large company was updated paper work with the engineering change level and the effective date of change. Still PPAP documentation, and I think the Source warrant documented the effective date.

Jim Biz

Just 2Cnts worth: we're 9002 - don't deal with design changes but it could be close to what we do with "contract/blueprint ammendment" changes that come along.

Can't be sure but the way the question reads but I would think that a "master log" of what changes were officially approved and what date they were released would cover it.



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You manufacture a lot. You implement a change. You have to record the lot number of the last of the old 'design' and the 1st lot of the 'new design'. It has nothing to do with the PPAP date. Your interpretation is correct.


During our assessment audit, this question came up and what we did to fix it was: When htere is an engineering (print,drawing) change, we mark up the print change documentation for the date it first went into production and an order was completed.
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