4GM - Fourth Generation Management (Deming)


Don Watt

I recently noticed a job profile for a "Continuous improvement Co-ordinator" which mentioned supporting / coaching leaders to work in a "4GM" way. It's not something I've heard of before - can anybody out there enlighten me please??
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Paul Hollingworth

4GM is short for Fourth Generation Management. It refers to the fourth generation of management paradigms mostly associated with Dr W Edwards Deming.
You can read a full explanation of the origins of this term on my website: www.4gm.com

John C

I liked your definition;

Only 4th Generation Management recognises the need for a whole systems approach to managing chaos.

I think that the principle behind ISO 9001/2 is the recognition that there has to be a whole systems approach to management. I certainly don't see this reflected in the bulk of the discussion re the standard, nor in it's implementation, but I see it when I read 4.1 and 4.2.

I'm not questioning your 4GM - it seems like a good approach to an old problem and, because of the misconceptions and misuse of ISO 9001/2 and the probability that this will get worse, rather than better, maybe I should be thinking of a fresh approach as well.

I'd like to hear your opinion of this. I'll be interested to have a look at your website in detail but haven't had a chance yet. Good luck with the business.

John C

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