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4th Edition PPAP manual - Bulk Materials - Can you guess what this means?


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I was just idly glancing through the 4th Edition of the AIAG PPAP manual when I ran headlong into the attached brick wall (a scan of a photocopy, and a bit skewed on the page). While the entirety of the page seems to indicate that its author had no idea what he was trying to say, or did know and failed miserably in the execution, I would like to concentrate here on the initial abuse of English at the top of the page, which says, with regard to determination of special characterisics for bulk materials,

Can you provide a brief interpretation of what you think the sentence means?
I think it means "If you've got an unstable process, be very careful."


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This sems to be a case where they thought that bulk materials were so different that they had an "expert" write this section and this "expert" did not refer to the original definition of special characteristic.
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