5.4 Quality objectives and planning



Except stating the objectives of the company,
which is obvious, is there a need for a documented procedure for planning the quality system?

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tim banic

I hope this is going to help...I have not implemented 9001/2000 yet, but have done QS once & ISO 9002 (94) twice.

I think it is similar to the QS 9000 Quality planning, where they look at Advanced Product Quality Planning, Production Part Approval Process & Potential Failure Mode & Effects Analysis.

Basically making sure that you can do the part before you get head deep into the project.

Do you have the equipment & facilities to make the part? Are you going to have to overhaul the company to make this part?
When you do get the part make sure that it is correct before making hundreds or thousands.
What are the potential problems that could occur during production & do you have a system in place to catch it & correct it?
What procedures will this job follow & what systems are in place to make sure it meets customer specifications.

I hope this is helpful...again I have not implemented 9001/2000 but these are my thoughts on it...I could be wrong. Not the 1st time if I am wrong & won't be the last.


"...if it moves, train it...if it doesn't move, calibrate it...if it isn't written down, IT NEVER HAPPENED!"

Dan Larsen

I think just having a quality manual (that makes reference to itself as the tool for planning the quality system) should be sufficient evidence of "planning the quality system". Other evidence could be the existence of level 2 documentation and appropriate reviews to ensure the system is effective.

I think this is evidenced to the auditor by overall performance rather than a specific procedure.


Thanks a lot. Although I tried writing a procedure for this aspect, I realised I don't have too much to say except general things which are already stated in the manual. Also - this is what made me in the first place to wonder if the procedure is necessary - the means to modify or notify the need of a new plan, will be, eventualy, included in the "Management review" procedure.

Have a good day!
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