5-S - Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Self Discipline


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Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 07:35:33 -0400
From: "Saunders, Mark"
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We have employed this concept at Newport News Shipbuilding in our shops with great success. The 5S's are Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Self Discipline. We used the Shop floor manual 5S forOperators from Productivity. They also have a more detailed book called 5 Pillars for the Visual Workplace. This concept can be used on the shop floor, or administratively, and I use it at home in my house, workshop, and garage.

Good Luck

Mark Saunders
Newport News Shipbuilding


Fully vaccinated are you?

5S, abbreviated from the Japanese words Seiri, Seiton, Seison, Seiketsu, and ****suke, are simple but effective methods to organize the workplace.

The 5S, translated into English are: housekeeping, workplace organization, cleanup, keep cleanliness, and discipline. They can be defined as follows:

Separate needed items from unneeded items. Keep only what is immediately necessary item on the shop floor.

Workplace Organization.
Organize the workplace so that needed items can be easily and quickly accessed. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Sweeping, washing, and cleaning everything around working area immediately.

Keep everything clean for a constant state of readiness.

Everyone understands, obeys, and practices the rules when in the plant.

D Mullins

Where has the 5S homepage gone?

Is there another one somewhere?



Suggestion on 5S training


I am planning to implement 5S in our organization and i am looking for a trianing package. Do you have any suggestions??? I have seen one on zentec website, seems very simple but expensive. Please suggest me some package. I am in urgetn need of it. Also please suggest me some slogans about 5S that ican use to put on the give aways.

Thanks everyone. I am wiating for your reply.

Rob Nix

Check the "Post Attachments List" at the top of the page, go to 5S (or Five S), and you should be able to find some suitable presentations.



Dear all

I'm planning too implement 5S. Before I start I would like to give al my operators a training in 5S. An also a handbook with explanation of each pilar.

In the handbook I would like to place some cartoons for explanation of each pilar. But I can't find good examples of cartoons in my literature.

My question is the following: Does sombody knows in which book about 5S good examples are displaced? Or does sombody have good examples which he wants to share with me?

Many Thanks in advance.



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abbeyabhi said:
What do you think about having 5S slogans for the Lauch of 5S


Hi abbeyabhi and Welcome to the Cove,

I urge you to perform a search of 5S on this site. There is a wealth of information to find here, including examples and slogans. Take some time to read through the information. It will give you a better understanding of the process you are undertaking.

Lots of luck!
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