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Re: Becoming Part of the Company Culture

I typically estimate 1 to 2 years for a 'philosophy' to become part of the culture of a company.

I agree - the worst implementations of QS9000 back in the day were the ones that folks bragged about getting done start to finish in less than 6 months. Probably only took a month after the audit for the attitude that "we're done with the audit, not let's go back to what we were doing" to occur. The best included training, reinforcement and - oh, yes - constant support and reinforcement from the top management. If top management says "do it", and walks away - forget it....:cool:

vater unser

Re: Becoming Part of the Company Culture

who is responsible for 5s...

how we can train the stafss???
how can i confront with different cultures,,different level of home training?

how can i talk with stafss which they have not get thair salary :(
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