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Hello everyone,

I have been a long time reader through college but now that I have finally entered the field this is my first time posting.

I am working for a manufacturing company who recently created the position of "5S coordinator". STOP Don't shoot me! lol, just kidding.

I have scoured the internet looking for any type of information or discussions from people holding this position or job title. From what I've gathered, this title typically falls as another "hat" of responsibility of an IE or QAE or is non-existent all together.

Though this is the start to my manufacturing experience, I come from a retail background with 8 years of supervisor and management experience before graduating from college. Through school as an IET major and TM minor, I implemented 5S throughout the retail environment I worked while in college. (Including other lean tools as well) Not knowing exactly the position I would hold coming out of school, it seems to have lined up nicely with where I am now. (As far as how to deal with resistance, upper and mid management commitment, buy-in etc..)

* I apologize for the length as this is a multi-facet question....:truce:

In the simplest description, the facility for which I hold the position now is far below "sea-level" as it relates to 5S all together. As-in general housekeeping is a daily struggle. Base-level staffing I'm guessing is around 350-400.

I view it as a challenge as well as a lot of "low-hanging fruit" that can easily be rectified and bring about some momentum to a 5S program all together. Another bullet that may put the environment into perspective is that a standard work roll-out just began 6 months ago with no real tangible 5S in place. Again, I view all of this as a challenge and am in no way trying to "beat-up" on the facility as my knowledge of their challenges in the past is very very limited. The great news is that there is an obvious desire for continuous improvement efforts.

Now for the meat-and-potatoes of what I am asking. As the 5S coordinator I report directly to the IE who is considered the 5S manager along-side various other responsibilities. Though these titles are in place, direction has been limited to "this area, then that area." :magic:

I view it as an outstanding opportunity to prove the effectiveness of 5S and my value to the company, but am starting to realize a bigger picture as it relates to my role. As many of you surely know, rolling 5S out in an area is not a one man job. It takes dedicated time and resources to evolve and sustain. Though in this position it has become clear that I am the only dedicated resource. Please correct me if I am wrong.

And so the ever elusive question of salary expectations emerges from my end. I took a low hourly offer into the position as many know it is so difficult to engage in a field with zero experience. So I am coming up on my initial 3 month review where I imagine long-term salary negotiations will be a part. I need some help in determining what is fair. With limited information available, I assume this position is a recent addition in the field created with the realization that the most difficult part of 5S is to sustain the efforts. I understand with my limited experience I should expect below average. The problem is, I cannot find the average. I have heard stories from other facilities where the position I hold is a salaried position with dedicated resources reporting to them. With proper business etiquette foresight I neglect to ask about their compensation.

So far I have rolled out 5S to sustain in a 3 process work cell and in doing so completed a workstation overhaul that resulted in a complete redesign. Designed entirely around lean concepts, ergonomic principles, and adaptable to single piece flow in the future, I was responsible for it's creation entirely; hence absorbing a majority of my time so far. (Though I did get a fabricator for the welding :agree1:) Also, I am near completion on the redesign of another process layout.
(*time also devoted to IE project support as well).

I am sure this sounds like the typical college pup sob story, but I am extremely thankful to have work.:nopity: I just want to be properly prepared going into my evaluation as to what is realistic from an industry standpoint.

Any help, opinions, or flaming much appreciated!

If I have left out any variables for consideration please let me know.

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Re: 5S Coordinator (Long-winded)

As with anything business-related, commitment from top management to 5S or any other initiative is a must-have. If you are the only dedicated resource, then this needs to change right away or your 5S program may never leave the ground.

That being said, I have read somewhere (maybe in a Six Sigma primer) that most companies trying to implement a 5S program never really get past the first 3 S's. It is a huge undertaking, and it needs to start from the top.

I do have one piece of advice: do not attack 5S with full force. A pilot run, starting in one area, will usually give you an indicator if things are headed in the right direction.

Use the tools at you disposal to analyze and see if this indicator is a good one. If not, you may just end up with a glorified housekeeping program.

Hope I've helped...:rolleyes:

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Welcome 5SThatArea,

You have come to the right place to either get an answer or where to get an answer.

It sounds like to have a good start. Start small to keep the ball rolling and make sure that area doesn't backslide. Get those people at the station involved and taking pride in there area. As you move on you might want to have a list of all areas that will be involved in 5S and start to prioritize, hopefully having some target dates as goals. I think you will find that your biggest help comes from the people that directly benefit from the organized work area, the workers! Do you hav access to a good project management software package?

Again, Welcome



Thank you for replying. I currently use a gannt chart spreadsheet to manage my projects. Where I run into the most issues is finding resources for the actionable steps and deliverables beyond myself.

As well as a ball park salary requirement to negotiate at my upcoming 90 day review?


Thanks for the link. Definitely got me started.

Does anyone work for a company that has an assigned 5S coordinator?


Thanks for the link. Definitely got me started.

Does anyone work for a company that has an assigned 5S coordinator?
Gaining the confidence of the working people, Training and making visible changes must be your key concentration elements.
The rest comes from your knowledge and skill on 5S implementation, that always has a new learning from every project handled.
Be sure to ensure that 5S is not made to look like your baby. Make sure the operators are the owners and they imbibe it into their working system.
Planned actions, Patience, and top management support is a must and I hope you have it. Even if you are not being reviewed timely, make it a point to send a brief progress report and resource requirement periodically.
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