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5S slogan

We have started to implement 5S in our organisation. In this connection, Iam looking for some 5S slogans for our campaigns.Please help

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What a dry sense of humor David! :rolleyes: :)

Andrews - Ideally you are planning to take into account not just the national cultural differences but your companies as well. You may get some ideas/suggestions that would not translate very well (literally or figuratively).

The company I am with has been implementing Lean and 5s for over a year now and we don't have any 'slogan'. What is looked for is the actual implementation and ability of all levels to understand and explain what it is.

This company did create a 'program' which covers the 5 year plan, and it has a special name and levels with established goals to acheive.

Maybe you can explain what your business function is and the intended goal of the slogan...to receive usable suggestions?

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M Greenaway

A great man once said we should abolish all slogans and exortations in the workplace - I kinda agree.


5S slogans

1) Wendesday is 5S day.

2) Do 5S every Monday.

3) Seiri now, Seitong now, Seiso now.

4) Everything in it place.

5) Top management makes the 5S success come true.:biglaugh:


Don't take it personal

Hey Andrews. I appreciate your enthusiasm and I am not at all bashing you or your post. I just have a pet peeve about, well, most everything, that doesn’t add value. If I see another slogan, banner or certification I am gonna vomit on someone’s shoes (not my own, of course). Here's a new twist that is about as novel as manufacturing a product to the print. Implement the 5S program, feel and witness the positive results, capture the savings, reward personal and team contributions and go on about your day. Slogans are like used car salesman. Cheesy, useless and completely full of crap. Good luck.


Not only slogan

Not only the slogan that can cheer the spirit of the activities.
Newsletter, poster, banner, badge, competition, study tour, photographing and 5S days also bring up the activists' minds.

Do not use only one, use many implementation tools.


Andrei Viorel - 2009

“If you don’t know where to start with EFQM Excellence - start with housekeeping”.

You can try to have "5S" poster.

See our last message for Suggestions Panel.



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What are the steps taken to implement 5S in your organisation.Is there a 5S coordinator? Is the company split into teams for easy and better implementation?

Andrei Viorel - 2009

5S Team

We have 5S team, as X-team (PROD, ENG, LOG), in production being 1 person 5S responsible/shift, as supplementary job, coordination being done by Process Improvement Manager.

5S Implementation

Training (External 5S – 7QC Tools – From QC Tools to Action Plan) – customized training for operators, including workshops
Improvement idea assessment and implementation, post training activities, focusing on S1 – as major item
Analysis “What’s good vs. what’s wrong”
Empower modular groups (production lines) to deploy the Dedicated Internal training to all employees
5S team
Defining 5S Campaign (5 years schedule)
Implement S1
Introducing “5S Suggestion Programme” + rewarding for that
Introducing 5S Audit Check List
Implement S2
Implement S3
Empower for S4 and S5 operators’ implication trough “Standard Improvement Suggestion Program”
Correlate S3 with TPM purposes from “Autonomous Maintenance”
5S Implementation: Good housekeeping and TPM support

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