5S (Five S) Slogan Ideas - Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke

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what is meaning of 5S coordinator. My God 5S is every body Job and I strongly feel any artificial thing (or a person) may jeopardise the activity.

Andrei Viorel - 2009

"5S Coordination"

“Coordination” of 5S – as CIP management tool, it is not a dedicated responsibility, but included one in JD, considering that in this moment 5S ‘campaign” is still an on going implementing process in our company.
Delegating “5S coordination”, in the implementation campaign, can be useful considering:
-Organizational culture
-Sustaining each implemented “S”, by exercises, training, refreshments
-Sustaining 5S suggestions proposals
-Follow up implementation of AP established for suggestions
-Awareness and sustaining 5S & TPM implementation projects
-Update, train & implement 5S audit checklist
-Maintain database for 5S audit, suggestions, nonconformities related to S4 and S5
-Analysis and reporting,



Don't know if these would fall under the category of slogans :eek:

Sort - what's needed, what's not
Set - locations for tools, information etc.
Shine - Clean everything
Standardise - Implement standard routines
Sustain - Monitor & Improve




5S program

Shoot 5 Times, reload.
Shoot 5 Times, reload.
Shoot 5 Times, reload.
Shoot 5 Times, reload.
Shoot 5 Times, reload.

Aim! :bigwave:


Although I know the request was a serious one, and many have jumped on the humor bandwagon, I will do the same.


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Starting 5S

I dont want to get into a tangent, but avoid the slogans. 5S is about business. If you can tie 5S back to your process and the health of your business it will survive the bumpy rides of management changes, business cycles, etc. It will also keep people focused on adding the most value with this tool.

When we first started 5S, we lacked focus and justified the work with a vague leap of faith. In hindsight I would recommend that you keep your efforts focused on improving flow. Hopefully you can avoid the complaints of cleaning equipment because "tour groups and customers are really impressed."

Do 5S to make money. If you need a motivator, I would recommend a 5S scoring system. I saw a good system on a benchmarking tour. Be careful not to diffuse your attention and resources away from improvement of flow.

If you need more suggestions let me know. Otherwise I recommend, "The Goal," by Eli Goldratt and "Lean Thinking," by Womack.




Oh - one more thought. In regards to sustain, or the 5S program altogether - keep the end in mind. Sustaining 5S does not mean a once a week house cleaning. Sustaining means every day, even by event. It may be necessary to start with a weekly audit, but keep the message and vision clear. The goal of 5S is not to clean, but to prevent sources of waste (dirt, disorganization). The goal of error proofing is to prevent an error rather than detecting a failure.

Our plant does random 5S audits to enforce this tought. I admit, I didnt care for this random audit approach at first. Although I do not like random Quality Systems audits, I think the approach is very valid for reinforcing 5S sustain.

Benchmarking visits are a very helpful tool for creating the vision at launch. We sent folks to Team Rahal. What a great tour!!!

I would love to hear feedback from others on 5S.



Andrews said:
We have started to implement 5S in our organisation. In this connection, Iam looking for some 5S slogans for our campaigns.Please help

5 S to Get Rid of 1 S ( sagasu = Search )

My Japanese Quality Teacher Used to say all Wastes are generated by 1 S , Sagasu In japanese Means Search and to Remove the Waste by 1 S use 5 S

Follow 5 S with 1 S ( Shikkar Shiyo) which means Let us do 5 S Perfectly

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rangish said:
5 S to Get Rid of 1 S ( sagasu = Search )

My Japanese Quality Teacher Used to say all Wastes are generated by 1 S , Sagasu In japanese Means Search and to Remove the Waste by 1 S use 5 S

Follow 5 S with 1 S ( Shikkar Shiyo) which means Let us do 5 S Perfectly
I find it curious that anyone in Japanese industry, especially in the Quality profession would consider violating one of the 14 points of a Quality guru practically venerated in Japan.

I am speaking of violating Dr. Deming's point (paraphrased from the original text) about slogans:
Eliminate slogans, exhortations, and targets for the work force asking for zero defects and new levels of productivity. Such exhortations only create adversarial relationships, as the bulk of the causes of low quality and low productivity belong to the system and thus lie beyond the power of the work force.

  • [font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Eliminate work standards (quotas) on the factory floor. Substitute leadership.
  • [font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Eliminate management by objective. Eliminate management by numbers, numerical goals. Substitute leadership. [/font]
Personally, I find slogans annoying and juvenile. In my mind there is a difference between a mnemonic device to help one remember a series of tasks and a slogan exhorting one to perform the task because . . .[fill in your own rah rah reason]

If the task does not make the total work easier and more efficient so the worker benefits in some way from performing the task, why incorporate the task?

In all my years of visiting workplaces of customers and suppliers, it always seemed to me the most unhappy workers were those at organizations with large banners and streamers everywhere proclaiming "wonderous things" (Quality is Job 1, for example), while the workers mumbled and grumbled and made snide remarks and jokes about the slogans and mottos.

Disclosure: I never put up a poster or banner with a slogan in 40 years of business. I would rather demonstrate my commitment than proclaim it with a poster.


Orderliness checklist


I can't help you with slogans, but I've attached my "orderliness" checklist, which is basically the same as a 5-S checklist. Feel free to use or ignore it.



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