5S (Five S) Slogan Ideas - Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke



I don't have a 6S form, looking for someone using one. I will be glad to share our 5S form.


  • PD-SD-193 5S Audit Sheet1.xls
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For some reason, I can't attach the sheets, but you can find a few good scorecard templetes, on the below forum, as post attachment.



You can obtain our 5S posters which shall give you not only the slogans but will also provide graphics & instructions for each of the 5S's. We can supply these posters duly laminated & mounted in size 17" x 22" (A2). For, further details, you may contact me atxxxxx, mobile no. 098140-32604.

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Howard Atkins

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Some one recently asked me about posters/pictures for 5s
Most search engines allow you to search for images and this can find a number of useful images.


Hi all,
Anyone who can share the 5-S Survey questions distributed to employees to analyze the before-after effect of 5S implementation?
Thank you.

stephen pearce - 2008


Thanks to all who posted and for those who shared their forms ;)

Have a great day.




Dear Howard,
Could you please share with us the questionnaire constructed in order to collect the 'satisfaction' level of the employees after we've implemented 5-S?
Thanks a lot!

Best regards,
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