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Migrating originally from the gemba or shop floor and moving into a shop support position instead of a supervisory roll has provided the opportunity to listen and learn from the many concerns from our shop personnel. I feel this has provided some insight as to their apprehension with regards to 5S and moreover Kaizen.

I have also found that the large banners and company slogans do not have any inherent value what so ever with regards to the folks on the factory floor.

We too conduct daily 5S audits in each work cell and post the results for each of our three shifts mainly as a tool to help promote order and cleanliness. To date, we have sustained a six year success rate.

These finding are simply my experience and do not reflect the company position in any way. Merely feed back.:)


Anybody know who or what companies are now using 6S wtih the sixth S being Safety, included in their internal "5S" audits. I think this is a great way to emphasize the importance of safety awareness and prevent incidents

We teach 6S within our company (Sonoco Products).

Recently I went on a benchmarking tour to Toyota but I have to say, in regards to 5S, I thought they were actually behind the Memphis Proctor & Gamble plant I visited in May.

I have been tasked with the 6S of our facility and while we've had some nice results in our 6S Kaizens, I'm still struggling with the audit & sustainment processes. I'd love to solicit some advice from you all...

Our current process calls for daily 6S audits by our Production Supervisors. They use a fairly detailed 6S Scoring sheet that I made up which lists specific infractions so that there won't be a lot of room for interpretation or ambiguity.

From there they report the Audit scores to be recorded in a database that at this moment we don't use. We discuss the scores in the shift change meetings.

The problem I'm seeing is that the Supervisors are pencil whipping the audits. Our audits are based on a perfect score of 100....100 meaning hospital clean, you could eat off the floors and nothing is out of place. We established a goal of 70 based off of the suggestion of our corporate process improvement resource.

We are seeing scores from our Supervisors in the 80-90 range which just aren't realistic and do nothing for using historical data to drive improvement.

Now, the simple answer is just better enforcement from our Managers....and I'll work on that. I also plan on implementing weekly audits by the Managers so they can compare their weekly scores to the daily average of their Supervisors.

Right now I'm just struggling with how to publicize these audit results without looking foolish because the Supervisor's scores are so unrealistic.

I'm planning on going out individually with the Supervisors and showing them the "right way" to do an audit (they overlook a lot of things) and then hoping the scores get better....

Actually in typing this I may have brainstormed something better anyways....I think I'm going to make a 6S Audit Score sheet for use in our Production Meetings where the Supervisors & Managers meet for shift change.....this way it's still internal and not publicized for customers or operators to see (and mock) but it's visible to the managers so they can see who skipped an audit and who was unrealistic. Then once we get the scores to the "reasonable" level, we'll "go public" with them by posting them in a public place so operators & customers alike can see the scores.

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Some one recently asked me about posters/pictures for 5s
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5S (Five S) Slogan Ideas - Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke


I remember a presentation where the speaker commented, "there is a very fine line between world-class and half-@ss".



Re: steps

Having a 5S coordinator results in he being a housekeeping man & he gets blamed for any non conformity in the area


you have not replied the anwer well. Asker was asking for 5s slogan and you have just write down 5's

this is not joke be serious

take care


Ahsan, what I think you'll find on this forum, besides a lot of good information, is a bit of light-hearted humor as well. If we can't get a chuckle in our profession, and we all know how serious the quality field can be, then what is the point in continuing in that area. I don't think there was anything negative meant by David's comments, just an attempt at getting a few laughs.

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