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5S training Cartoons and Quality Related Powerpoint (ppt) Presentations


M. Bak - 2004


I'm planning too implement 5S. Before I start I would like to give al my operators a training in 5S. An also a handbook with explanation of each pilar.

In the handbook I would like to place some cartoons for explanation of each pilar. But I can't find good examples of cartoons in my literature.

My question is the following: Does sombody knows in which book about 5S good examples are displaced? Or does sombody have good examples which he wants to share with me?

Many Thanks in advance.


Greg B

Manoj Mathur said:
I am sure all of you will like it . It is indeed a good presentation on Work Environment (5S).

This is an excellent presentation. :applause: Well done. This is why the cove is so great because everyone is willing to share. has 5S been a success at your company?

Greg B

Andrei Viorel - 2009


Your presentation is really good. :thanx:


For the work you have to do, maybe you can find useful information at the bellow addresses. :evidence:


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Captain Nice
Staff member
This is a very good link for several powerpoint files - like about 15 goodies. They're from the University of Durham site. It sounds like they're from a business incubator or something. Funding is from several sources, including the government {European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)}

Get them while they're hot!

*** DEAD LINK REMOVED *** and look for the files ending in .ppt

Thanks to Andrei Viorel.
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