6.4 Work Environment - Human and physical factors of the work environment


Andy Bassett

'The organization shall identify and manage the human and physical factors of the work environment needed to acheive conformity of product'.

I like this bit, it has all the objectivity of saying that the employees should all have full and meaningful love-lives.

How can this section by covered?


Andy B

Andy Bassett

Hello Jim

Could you maybe expand a little.


Andy B

Jim Biz

I may be off-base in my thinking but as I understand it - the committee started the wording for this by stating "Provide an ambient working environment" what ever that means...

Some one out there may be able to do a better job of explaining it but my take on
Managing physical & Human factors -is - breaks every 2 hrs - supplying cranes or other lifting equipt - adjustable chairs for office personnel..when/where needed.. specialized racks/pallets etc..

"Manage Human & physical factors"

a) Is there enough or too much "working space" at a typical operation to preform the job - without wearing out the employee?

b) are there any pieces of equiptment that can be upgraded/changed/improved to provide "ease of" process accomplishment (new air guns - with rubberized cushions built into the mechanizim to reduce fatigue when assembling)

c) Do you provide Heat in winter - fresh air in summer a work environment with enough light intensity to accomplish the job properly..

One could also include human factors benifits management such as "flex-time hours/daycare/medical assistance"

Etc. etc. -


Alan Cotterell

I think this section is a reference to the Health & Safety Management aspect. I suggest it means ergonomics, hazardous substances, physical factors and psychological factors. I think it would be reasonable for an organisation to have documented policies in these areas. In particular psychological factors such as harassment, (workplace bullying), and stress need to be addressed.
It might not extend to love lives, but it gets close.
(While you are fighting off a bully you're not doing your job too well).

The FDIS says: "The organisation shall determine and manage the work environment needed to acieve conformity to product requirements"

Besides, did anyone ever read the last line of 4.9b in the current standard?

"and a suitable working environment."

It's already there. And yes, it would mean that both human and physical factors should be adressed.

An addition to Jims examples: How often do you see a noncom for a dirty or untidy workplace?



The FDIS has changed this requirement some. The wording is different. Unfortunately I do not have it right in front of me at this moment, but it was one area I had flagged to track as the revisions were issued. It is more appropriate and in line with what has been required up to this point.
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