6.6.2c Product Conformance Verification


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The thing is if we treat the Quality Management System as a System then we move beyond teh quality department as the police…and we have a more effective and involved organization.
Absolutely. I really like the risk you pointed out.
But ISO 9001 is a bit different from ISO 17025. Its annex says "The controls required for external provision can vary widely depending on the nature of the processes, products and services. The organization can apply risk-based thinking to determine the type and extent of controls appropriate to particular external providers and externally provided processes, products and services." The OP is about ISO 17025. So, this is a matter of choice, indeed.


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Thanks for all the input! This has been a helpful discussion and has given me some idea of how to modify procedures. I'll be specific that verification only needs to be done on products that could impact testing results, and can be as simple as reviewing a CoC/CoA. I've learned that since I run such a small lab, I can get away with a lot by using "at the discretion of the laboratory manager" in my procedures.
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