61010-1 Accessible Parts - Limit Values and Crepage and Air Clearance Distances



HI All, I have a terrible doubt on some 61010-1:2010 clauses, I hope you can help me.
Clause 6.3.1 gives limit value for accessible parts in normal condition, 33Vrms ,46.7Vp and 70Vdc. And for equipment intended in wet location 16V rms , 22.6Vp and 35Vdc. That means if have a internal circuits (properly separated from mains) with voltages below these values separation toward accessible parts would not be required?
Table 6 (clearances and test voltages for secondary circuits derived from mains circuits..)., starts with a value of 16Vac and 22.6Vp or dc. Oddly enough they are same limit values for accessible parts for equipment in wet locations of caluse 6.3.1. Is this further confirm that circuits with value below clause 6.3.1 do not need separation or do I still need to apply linear interpolation? But I did not find confirm of my bellief since the next table for crepage requirements , table 7, starts with a working voltage of 10 V rms or dc. According table 7 separation will be required , it is the linear interpolation applicable also to voltage less than 10V? So, if I have 5 Vdc what clearance and creepage should I have to the accessible parts? Hope you can help me to undertsand the relation of caluse 6.3.1 and table 6, 7. Many thanks!


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Re: 61010-1 Accessible parts, Limit values and crepage and air clearance distances

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