7.3.1 Awareness- Supplemental


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IATF requires to store documented information for all employees about specific awareness requirements ( how they impact the quality of product, importance of their activities in obtaining, maintaining and improving quality, including customer's requirements and risk related to product for the customer).
Could trainings ad hoc, certifications on operative procedures , certifications on reaction mechanisms to manage products, spc , be enough? How do you proceed in this requirement?


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How you capture the documented information (or record) is up to you. Examples you have quoted could be supported by documents going right back to induction in the first days/weeks, training in performing specific tasks, making products by following a standard operation, etc. Don't forget that this is an additional requirement to ISO 9001:2015 clause 7.3.

Employees are also expected to understand the risks involved where the customer is supplied with N/C product.
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