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7.3 excluded from Scope in QS9000, back in TS16949?



We have excluded 7.3 from our scope in QS, and now when going in to TS, the sales person from our auditor, claims we must have design in our scope regarding TS and that they also should audit 7.3. When saying that it's excluded from QS, he - the sales guy - says:
"It's different in TS, you must have design in the scope since you have a representative on your site." Yes, we do have a "design person" on site, but he is not employed by our organization but by a sister plant in another country. That plant already got TS, including design of the same products as us, which was the reason why we could exclude design from the scope in QS.

Any inputs in this matter are highly appreciated.

Howard Atkins

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Re: 7.3 excluded from Scope in QS, back in TS?

In ISO 9001 there has been a change in perception in that design can include design of the manufacturing process.
In TS as the process is the basis and seen in the APQP process as well as the reporting of this in PPAP, you cannot exclude the process design.
See clause 1.2

If you are not design responsible then you can exclude 7.3 for part but not for process.
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