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Is it the "out" or is it just more confusion and we can push it off to interpretation?

The Big 3 say they recognize the TS standard; however, we must still ensure all elements under QS are being met. So what do we do when TS and QS contridict each other? :confused:



:confused: Marc, I'm no so certain that this is an "out". If your customer does not "mandate alternate requirements", then you are still required to fulfill the whole of the sub-clause. Also, what if you have multiple customers, and each of them prescribe a different mandated alternate requirement? Whoa… my head is starting to hurt!!!!

Dave B

Roger Eastin

Dave B - you're right. In those cases you just mentioned, 3rd party registration is required. However, at least for the bigger corporations anyway, this is an "out". I think the Big 3 (and perhaps, VW, BMW, etc) will come up with a 2nd party scheme that will provide the "alternative requirement". They did it with the Sanctioned Interpretation in QS9K, so I don't see why they wouldn't do it here.


DaimlerChrysler, Ford & GM Sez

I have a 3 page letter that is a statement from DaimlerChrysler, Ford & GM representatives to the Supplier Quality Requirments Task Force.

It reads: The sanctioned interpretation stated above should be used with of QS-9000. There are two options to meet the goal of subcontractor compliance:

1. Subcontractor is certified by an accredited certification body to a current version of the ISO 9000 Quality Management Series of Standards, excluding ISO 9003; plus any requirements specified by the customer by December 31, 2002


2. Subcontractor assessment to QS9000 or ISO-TS 16949, Section 1, by the OEM customer, an OEM customer-approved second party, or an accredited third party certification body/registrar by December 31, 2002.

Additional important points:

a. An OEM customer-approved second party audit can be performed by any QS9000 certified Tier 1 supplier after obtaining customer approval to conduct the audit. The supplier must obtain approval from each customer who receives product from the supplier containing products or services from the subcontractor.

b. Subcontractor Development and C9 of the IASG QS-9000 Sanctioned Interpretations are auditable requirements. A supplier shall have the following documentation on file:

1. Record of customer approval of audit
2. Audit review and results

The following is the 2nd part customer approval criteria and authorization jointly agreed by DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Co., and General Motors Corp.

Appendix I

Subcontractor Development. When a subcontractor is so small as to not have adequate resources to develop a system according to QS-9000, certain specified QS-9000 sub elements may be waived by the supplier of their subcontractor.....
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