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RG Ohidy

I am in the process of revising my manual from ISO/QS to TS. I am unclear as to what is meant by the fourth bulleted item in, "special status customer notifications related to quality or delivery issues". Any comments as to the meaning would be appreciated.
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A similar statement also appears in The key words are "Customer notification". But it's not clear whether the customer notifys the org. or the org notifys the customer. The checklist and guidance documents do address this term. Perhaps Don Wood can shed some light on thei topic.

RG Ohidy

I am familar with, which basically states that if you ship something that is suspect that you should notify the customer. I looked again through both the guidance and checklist documents and don't find anything to clarify the intent. I think maybe I'll inquire with our registrar.
Thanks Rich

Manoj Mathur

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Mr. Ohidy is right,

Customer is needed to be informed by the Suppler about suspected product and not only this but all deviation under which material is passed is to be taken prior approval at the time of shipping and to be informed. This is obligation of Supplier and not customer.

RG Ohidy

OK folks,
I did some more reading on this subject as I need to get this done and have yet to receive a reply from my registrar, take a look at in the QS9000 standard. I think what TS is saying is that the automotive companies themselves, Ford, Chevy, etc. have to monitor notifications they issue to thier suppliers. However, if I go by this interpretation I don't see how it would apply to me as we are a tier two supplier, and as a tier two supplier I would not be issuing notifications such as those stated in the three bulleted items in to my vendors.
What are your comments?;)

Hermann - 2011

I think what may be meant is called "Controlled Shipping" by GM and it applies to tier 1 suppliers who have delivered defective parts.

Taking this to the tier 1 / tier 2 relationship, I could interpret it as 100% sorting of batches which are suspected of containing defect parts from the tier 2 supplier.
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