7.5.3 Identification and Traceability vs. Id and Traceability - Supplemental



7.5.3 Identification and Traceability
Where appropriate, the organization shall identify the product by suitable means throughout product realization... Identification and Traceability - Supplemental
The words "Where appropriate" in 7.5.3 shall not apply.


Any comments? Am I the only one who finds this strange? :confused:

M Greenaway

I only find it strange that the 'where appropriate' statement appeared in ISO9001:2000 in the first place !

I can only think it might not be appropriate to service industries ?


I don't find it strange at all. The original statement is part of the ISO standard on which 16949 was based. The exclusion of "where appropriate" is to allow the ISO statement without change (otherwise you couldn't make the statement that ISO 9000:2000 is incorporated in this document) while allowing the automotive "lot traceability" to remain a dominant feature of the requirements.

This was the same with ISO 9000 / QS9000.


M Greenaway

Its doubly strange that the standard doesnt define traceability, or say traceability to what.

Its even stranger the MS Word always gives me a spelling error for traceability !!


Good call Dave...it makes sense now. I was forgetting that ISO was in the box while additional requirements were outside.

Guess I need to "think outside the box" maybe? :vfunny:

It's Monday...enough said... :ko:


help about traceability

hello everybody.
this is my first post, and i apologize for my unfluent english.
i'm a brand new quality manager ( after a 800 hours course By EU) and i'm a stageur in an automotive factory which designs and manifactures electronic engine management systems.
our most important client asked us a total traceability of all the components assemblied into the printed circui board.
This is a graeat work to do, and i would ask to the forum if someone cuold give me some example.
thank you:bigwave:
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