7.5.5 - ESD & JESD-625-A - Is this req'd?



Now that I have your attention, you obviously understand what JESD625-A is all about; Requirements for ESD handling in manufacturing and other facilities.

Excellent! perhaps you can provide some insight...

Our company handles Printed Circuit Boards with surface-mounted components on them, and integrates them into finished products. An audit is around the corner, and we have realized that we don't handle ESD very well at all. We all have different ideas about what is "correct".

As part of the ISO9001 (94 or 2k) are we required to follow an industry-established procedure for ESD, or can we create our own?

This thinking is that auditors' may reference an established specification to ensure that we are doing things "correctly", would you concurr with this thinking based on experience or...



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JESD625....? Ummmmm.....Ahhhhhh......Errrrrrr.....Not sure where the knowledge presumption came it *grin, just kidding*...I just followed the 'newest post' link :D

I was asked to check into ESD ANSI/ESD-S20.20-1999 (had never heard of it before!) about six months ago. Was pleasently shocked to find this standard can be downloaded FOR FREE! (www.esda.org).

The SCOPE: This document applies to activities that: manufacture, process, assemble, install, package, label, service, test, inspect or otherwise handle electrical or electronic parts, assemblies and equipment susceptible to damage by electrostatic discharges greater than or equal to 100 volts Human Body Model. This document does not apply to electrically initiated explosive devices, flammable liquide and powders.

What i know about it? ZILTCH, beyond the fact that it doesn't apply to us. But if the site address helps others - Good :)


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> As part of the ISO9001 (94 or 2k) are we required to
> follow an industry-established procedure for ESD, or can
> we create our own?

As far as I understand it there is no speific requirement to do so - you can create your own. But you must be ready to explain how you came up with your 'internal requirement'.

I'm an old timer. I've been through the debate many times of whether the ESD phenomena even exists (other than experimentally) but everyone still goes to extremes over ESD precautions. When I worked with Motorla some years back they were re-defining their internal procedures with respect to ESD (Semi-Conductor Sector - now On-Semi). Going back over 10 years of data in the non-conformance and corrective action database, we could not find one proven incidence of component failure due to ESD. (Just a thought....)
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