7.6 Control of Monitoring and Measuring Devices




This is my first time working with ISO/TS so I am a little lost.

ISO/TS 7.6 The organization shall determine the monitoring and measurement to be undertaken and the monitoring and
measuring devices needed to provide evidence of conformity of product to determined requirements.

ISO/TS The organization shall identify key process equipment and provide resources for machine/equipment maintenance
and develop an effective planned total preventive maintenance system. As a minimum, this system shall include the
planned maintenance activities;
packaging and preservation of equipment, tooling and gauging;
availability of replacement parts for key manufacturing equipment;
documenting, evaluating and improving maintenance objectives.


I am sorry

I am sorry I had a problem with my keyboard and Submitted the post before I finished.

So like I said before I am lost, my question is:

what is the difference between "Maintenance gauges" and "Calibration / Verification?

I have a procedure called "Maintenance" where I describe how I maintain all the machines, vehicles and equipment except gauges, because I was going to create a procedure for the requirement 7.6. But I saw in the standard in a section that says "tooling and gauging" so I am confused. Do I need to describe in the Maintenance Procedure how I maintain the gauges? or is it not necessary if I create a Procedure to describe how I calibrate and verify gauges?

Thanks to help everyone



Speaking strictlly of gauges, the rwo terms will happen simultaneously,IMO. If the gauge fails and you perform some type of maintenance, you must then calibratge. If during the course of your normal calibration schedule you find a gauge that requires maintenance, you perform the maintenance and calibrate the gauge.
Maintenance, as described in the standard is made up of two topics; preventive and predictive.
Preventive is the maintenance (daily, monthly, yearly) reccommended by the equipment manufacturer AND your own experience with the equipment.
Predictive is maintenance is normally assigned to the key equipment
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