Monitoring and measurement - Containment of product and 100% inspection


rui12524 Monitoring and measurement

"These reaction plans shall include containment of product and 100% inspection as appropriate." My plant runs injection-moulding machines and we do SPC in part dimensions and weight. If my process is not statistically capable or unstable, ISO TS obliges that I do containment of product and 100% inspection as appropriate... well, what should I accomplish with 100% inspection? measuring or weighting every part :eek: ? I see this as a waste of time and money!
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Containment and inspection

Think about what it is asking. The intent is to ensure nonconforming product is not sent tot he customer. That is why they ask for containment (isolation) and 100% inspection. The key word here is "as appropriate". For once TS uses that language.

The question to you is how do you ensure that nonconforming product is kept from being shipped (should the process become uncapable, or unstable)?
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