8.2.3 Monitoring and Measurement of Processes



I like to reopen the discussion on 8.2.3.
The latest book from ASQ by Kevin Grimes "A Practical Quality Manual" states that the "processes" in question are those of the QMS..."...this includes the processes for management responsibility, resource management, product realization, and monitoring and measurement processes...", then he goes to state that you do not necessarily need to monitor or measure all of these?? He offers 8.4 as a venue to find a suitable list of "key processes" that you are REQUIRED to monitor and measure?? Any ideas folks?? Hope I didn't open a can of wormies or stirred some sleeping dogs out there!!! Let the debate begin...


Thanx for the opinion...it's very well thought...Grimes is just giving an example of what we might use to monitor and measure and it happens that he picked 8.4...the reason being is that 8.4 makes it mandatory (shall...) that you provide information (based on the results of monitoring and measuring and other...) on the following processes:
a-customer satisfaction
b-conformity to product requirements
c-characteristics and trends of processes and products including opportunities for PA and

Chris May


I have downloaded the PCF recently (and just), but there are only 7 pages available.


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