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Hello everyone.

I am going to audit a supplier that does not obtain IATF 16949 certification, as they explain they had problems to complete their audit with their CB, they have just planned the documentary review within 2 months and the certification audit in 3 months. In advance there is something that I do not like, I feel that we are hiding information. As part of some actions we are taking is to transfer our NPs to another plant also of them that they say is already certified, however it is a date that they have not been able to show their certificate. They just sent us a 'mail' from their CB where they say they approved their corrective actions and that's it ... There has not been a letter of recommendation to issue a certificate as I have seen them in other cases ... So I have doubts if they really have achieved it , (in several phone calls, conferences and emails it is noted that they evade talking about their current certification status, and give no further evidence).

My doubts are very broad with this case, I already have defined some criteria and scope according to the risk of this provider, but I would like some recommendations to conduct this audit, for example: areas, points, clauses of interest that can be taken into account for determine the risk of this provider.

Other situations haunt my head for example, to mention some clauses that I think are obvious that were not met properly, 6.3, 9.33 b) ... how valid would it be to put a non-conformity on these? (I feel that I would be going to the obvious, as they say directly to the neck)

Someone has gone through this situation with a provider, I would appreciate your comments and any feedback.:confused:

Why are you auditing them? Are they scheduled to get an IATF cert? How important are they as a supplier?

If they have gone thru a certification audit I would probably wait until that is complete.

If their certification audit is a few months out, I would suggest to them you'll give them a run thru with the understanding that all areas may not be covered yet.


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Thanks Golfman25

The reason for auditing them is based on our criteria to cover what is pertinent to, which includes the absence of certification or its loss.

It is correct has scheduled their 1 and 2 step audits within 2 months ..

It is a key supplier of our process, its work is E-coat (paint finishes to our automotive parts)

They have two building, one is supposed to have completed their audit, but they has not shown evidence (or something that convinces us). The other plant is the will be audited in 2 months.

I understand that several requirements are not implemented effectively, so I do not want to see myself as a (bad) auditor that instead of helping them develop their quality system, it will generate an additional workload answering corrective actions, which may interfere with their work plan
If they have scheduled audits and/or are undergoing the audits now, all you'll do is be a disruption. I would just note their file with a audit dates and follow up with them at that time. You really shouldn't have to do much more than that.


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No matter the supplier is certified with IATF 16949 or audit, you can do audit (normally a process audit) at your supplier.

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