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Hi everybody!!!

I'm traying to cover this requirement, Let me explain what I guess:

We have a Corrective Action Process so, this process includes the root cause analysis, after that we need to establish the Corrective Actions needed and this it has to be done in no later than 15 days. If I'm doing this activity before those 15 days am I ok?

Please share some samples of how you are covering this requirement.




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Usually a response to a Request for Corrective Action will be due in a short time (such as 5, 10, or 15 days), but often 15 days will not allow enough time for a true root cause analysis and the entire corrective action. But - If you can do all that in 15 days, yes - you're 'OK'.



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Dear emie

I am not sure u can lay any strict rule position on no of days that you need for completing the Corrective actions.

Say what is the intention of Corrective action ? Preventing recurrence of the same defect ! If this is so, there is no time for anyone to sleep over a situation. It is better to kill the snake (cause) before it could do more damage to the business of the company.

Hence, the earliest one could attempt and complete the corrective action the better would it be. I am not supporting anyone who says 15 days is ok !

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