8 June 2007 - Server temporarily down


Captain Nice
Staff member
I assume SMS is text messaging. My cell is 513 227-4675. I *assume* it accepts text messages (it has the function but I never use it). Cingular has sent me a couple of text messages but other than that - Well, I'm not a text message person. For the most part, particularly during the 'critical' week day business hours, someone in the US will notice the problem.

This is an infrequent problem, but it does happen once or twice a year. But when it does happen it freaks me out because the possibilities are from minimal (like today) where it was back online within 30 minutes of me finding out it was offline when Sidney called, to the *worst case* (such as server died, all your data is lost, start over) which could take a week or so to get everything back online.

Since the server is in a server farm in Texas, it makes it worse because - Well, because it's not in front of me to look at and diagnose.

Oh well - I monitored the server for several hours via telnet and everything seems OK. I'll take a look at the logs over the weekend and see if anything stands out.

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