8D Corrective Action Root Cause Problem Solving Training



8D Problem Solving Training

Let me introduce myself. My name is Cindy Cominsky, and I am an employee of Moen Incorporated who is working on coordinating an 8-D Problem Solving course.

I'm wondering if you know of organizations that deliver 8-D Problem Solving training for quality engineers? Or organizations that sell train-the-trainer materials?

Any input you would have would be greatly appreciated.

Al Dyer


I'm not sure where you are located but I've found that many of the local universities or community colleges offer good training.

As for companies that offer such services, I would look into the FTP site on this forum and contact some registrar web sites.

You have noted the 8D process. This is a Chrysler process: they offer training.

I will ask two things:

1: What are the required qualifications to be a "quality engineer" at your company?

2: Shouldn't a "quality engineer" already be qualified to "train" problem solving (8D) techniques?


Our ASQ section (1212 NE Illinois) offers a two day *D course for companies that want one an in house.



Ford has a 3-day 8D class. They have certified instructors that can teach in-house. We just used an independent contractor that was certified by Ford to teach sessions for us. I have heard that there is e-learning training available, but I'm not sure how effective that would be for a problem-solving course.


Ford has free Global 8D training available on line at the Ford Supplier Website through Covisint Portal. 12 hours online with a quiz. Many reference documents available and two case studies with completed 8Ds.
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