9/11 - 2 years later -- feels like yesterday


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Laura M said:
I'm assuming your corp office was in the US? I don't mind your not feeling comfortalbe "pledging" our country. It's meant for us. I do mind when US inhabitants (citizens or not) mind it. I hate that some schools think "under God" isn't needed, and that kids don't have to say it under "freedom of speech."

On the other hand - being in Roch, NY we play alot of Canadian Teams - especially hockey. I love your anthem and I think alot of Americans pretend they know the words. I guess an anthem is different than a pledge. Do you have a pledge?

The exec office is located in sunny Tampa. I travel there somewhat regularly to help train Sales in our Management System, audit them, etc. This was the first time I was down there for a non-Sales related issue...but man, the look of horror on their faces when I walked in was priceless! They thought they had a surprise audit and mass panic ensued...hated telling them that I wasn't there for them this time. :vfunny:

I understand why some school boards wish to remove the "under God" - times change. Yes, our two countries were founded on certain religions but civilizations evolve. Not too long ago, many people believed that women were entitled to few (if any) rights...but our thoughts on this have changed (at least in this part of the world). I'm not saying its right or wrong...but I do understand.

As for our anthem, heck, most Canadians pretend to know the words! :vfunny: "Oh Canada...hmm hmmmm hmmmmmmmmm hmmm hmm..." And that's the english version. The french version will have even more people humming away. And then when they do the mixed version...a bit of english, a bit of french...very difficult to do in the winter when the cold weather slows down the brain functions.

Do we have a Pledge? No. We are patriotic to our nation in our own stereo-typical Canadian quiet ways.


Where we were

Just my memories:
Challenger: - In high school. Never forgot an editorial cartoon from that time of two giant hands coming out of the sky with the shuttle gently nestled in the palms...

Regan getting Shot - Walking home from school. Another kid came running out of his house and told us about it.

Gulf War - Don't remember the specific announcement, but I was in art school at the time. Everyone turned out some interesting work during that time.

Princess Diana - I was in Glasgow, Scotland attending a convention. Heard about it at first in the hotel bar. The news said she had been in an accident and was in the hospital with a broken arm. Woke up the next morning to the sad news. It was interesting to be in Britain during the mourning. Everything shut down, and everyone was consoling each other.

9/11 - At work. At first thought it was a similar incident to the Empire State building, but that changed. Fast. Everyone just kind of went through the motions of working, but you could tell no one's mind was on their tasks. We got sent home at 1pm. Finally shut off the TV after a few hours. I couldn't take it anymore. Baked cookies with hubby. We needed to do something mundane and homey.

Columbia - Northern Michigan at our cabin. Just a normal morning, puttering around the kitchen, had the news on for noise more than anything. Spent the next few hours on the couch glued to the TV.

Funny, I know I almost never post, but I felt I needed to write these things down. Very cathartic. Thank-you for your attention.

Randy Stewart

Princess Diana - I was in Glasgow, Scotland

Must have been something to be over there at that time.

I loved Glasgow when I was there. Here if a building is 50 years old it's time to tear it down and build a new one. I loved the old buildings (the building my flat was in was older than the US) and the little shops in Largs!


It was. There were huge memorial displays outside every royal palace. Very moving.

Largs was neat. I stayed there with friends for a couple of days. They had a 4th floor apartment overlooking the water. Very beautiful. I spent most of my time in and around Edinburgh though. Stayed in a little town called Bonnyrigg. I loved the Highlands too.

'Tis tragic how we treat our architecture here, isn't it? You do get a completely different perspective in Europe. I worked at Meadowbrook Hall in college, and we all thought that place was old!


Being 36, I can remember a few things:

Reagan - Junior High School. I remember my mom talking about being the same conditions when she heard about JFK.

Challenger - Had just graduated from Machinist Mate "A" School in the Navy. Walked into commisary where they were watching it on the big projection TV they had just got for the Chicago Bears Superbowl game.

Gulf War - Already in the Navy, went over in December on the USS T Roosevelt, got back in July '91. (EAOS Aug. 91! Yeahhhhhh.)

9/11 - At work. Same as many, thinking about the Empire State Building some years ago (WWII?). Then I saw the second plane on TV...


Randy Stewart

Gulf War - Already in the Navy, went over in December on the USS T Roosevelt, got back in July '91. (EAOS Aug. 91! Yeahhhhhh.)

I was in Newport News when the keel was laid for the Roosevelt (got to see the Vinson Commissioned). That is a big, big ship.

I got back from my 1st tour in the Gulf in late December, returned in January 91 and my EAOS was May 91! I got back to Charleston less than 7 days before I got out.


9/11.... 2 years now!!!

Yes.... still I can't believe that 2 years have already passed since the 9/11 incident........

Personally, I was affected during this tragedy. I reached USA (my first trip to the states) on 9/9 and I was on air (flying AA from Philadelphia to San Diego) when the incident happened and was grounded in Kansas City.

God, I don't know how I spent the 5 days in that motel room!!!!! But, I've made good friends with people at that time.

Anyway, the world would have been a better place to live if that incident has not happened....

May God rest the departed souls in peace and give strength to their families..

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