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9 September 2018 - Upcoming User Group Changes


Captain Nice
Staff member
9 September 2018 - Upcoming User Group Changes

The below is the current "User Groups" listing. Over the years, a number of Custom User Groups were created for various reasons. Because of the differences in the way Xenforo software works, all of the "Custom User Groups" will be deleted, or rather ARE being deleted as I prepare for the October Import and software change over. Appropriate User Groups, such as "Involved In Discussions", will be merged/changed to the Registered Visitor user group.

"Cross Forum Moderators" will become Moderators in the Xenforo software.

A few thoughts about a couple Custom User Groups:

There are a lot of "Inactive Registered Visitors". This is pretty normal because the forum goes back to about 2000. Over the last 18 years many people have registered and at some point "moved on", for lack of a better way to say it. I myself, over the years, have joined a lot of forums, most of which I haven't visited in many years.

I just wanted registered visitors here to understand that I will be "merging" some "Custom User Groups" into the "standard" Registered Visitor User Group, so if you are in a Custom User Group you will probably see a change. Please don't be alarmed.
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